Super Iron Wok Pan 9.44"

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▼Product Information
VitaCraft's original 4-layer Nitride Processed Iron Pan. Rust resistant and anti-stick. This iron pan doesn't need seasoning after use. Just wash with hot water. The more you use the pan, the oil is adapted to the iron and makes you cook better! The metal spinning process performed by Japanese skilled craftsman makes iron stronger. The stylish stainless handle is a VitaCraft original and it does not get hot during the cooking.  When taken care of properly this pan will last a long time.
・Rust resistance iron pan
・No seasoning needed after use
・Non coating
・Multi use wok pan. For stir-fry, boil, steam, simmer.
・Made in Japan

▼Size & Material
Product size: Diameter 9.44"
Depth: 2.56"
Iron Thickness: 0.06"
Weight: 1.90lbs
Materials: Body: Iron (4-layer Nitride Processed)
Handle: Stainless steel

・Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
・Cook on low to medium heat.
・Each time you use this pan, preheat the pan and apply oil to the cooking surface before adding food.
*Especially for the first few times of use apply sufficient amount of oil to avoid food sticking.
・Hand wash your skillet with hot water. Do not use soap or harsh detergents.
・Hand dry after rinsing to avoid rusting. Store in a dry location.
・After using for a boil, steam or simmer, wash the pan while it's still warm and dry after. Spread sufficient amount of oil before using it next time.

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