Steam Grill with Stainless Steel Cover

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▼Product Information
"Steam + Grill", a new type of roaster makes your cooking faster and easier! With this roaster, you can steam and grill at the same time. 0.51" thick aluminium will store the thermal very well to grill the ingredients perfectly. By pouring some water, you can cook the food with high-temperature steam. Cook perfect tender and crispy grilled-fish or grilled-chicken very easily. Try and taste it, you will know how great it is.
・The ribbed surface drains excess fat from fish and meat
・The elegant looking suits your tables and you can serve hot meals as is
・Elegant stainless steel lid
・Easy care
・Comes with a recipe book

▼Size & Material
Product size: W15.75" × D8.46" × H4.92"
Grill Plate Size: W8.66" × D6.22"
Material: Body: Aluminum alloy(Fluororesin coating inside)
Lid: Stainless steel

・Do not use dishwasher

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