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Stackable Peelers - Black


▼Product Information
3 types of blades peeler set. Julienne blade enables you to cut vegetables into strips very easily and quickly! Soft blade is a slightly waved thin blade and you can even peel a tomato or peach. Normal blade, shape is normal but peels very well. All blades are shaped by Japanese skilled workers in Tsubame, Japan which is famous for metal / knife making. These peelers are designed to fit your palm. Also, these peelers are stackable for storage.
・Peels smoothly with very little pressure
・3 different types of blades
・Stack them up for easy storage

▼Size, Material & Color
Size: L3.3” x W2.53” x H 1.63”
Material: Body: Heat resistant ABS
Blade: Stainless Steel
Color: Red (Red, orange, yellow)/Black(Black, gray, white)

・Distinguish the 3 types of blade depending on the ingredients
・Blades parts are so sharp so pay attention not to touch them

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