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SIKURA Original Direct-to-Microwave Container 5-Piece Set

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▼Product Information
Preserve, freeze and warm up in one container. Japanese traditional colors. Steam pushes up the lid so you do not need to take the lid of when you microwave. Preserve different kinds of food for each colors' container to keep your foods hygienic. Flat lid makes it easy to wash.
・Microwavable with lid
・-4℉ to 284℉
・Easy to wash flat lid
・Stackable for storage
・Made in Japan

▼Size & Material
5 colors set
Size: W4.37" x L6.46" x H2.01"
Material: Polypropylene

・Wash it with a dish detergent before use for the first time.
・This product is not fully sealed so do not store horizontally. It may cause a leakage of liquid or food.
・When putting hot things, let it cool down before put a lid on.
・Avoid using dishwashing machine or dish dryers with this product as it may cause changes in shape.

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