Fingertip Tongs

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▼Product Information
No more sticky fingers! These tongs work almost as if they are your fingers. Use them for delicate foods such as sliced meat and breading foods such as raw fish. Not only that you also can use them when you cut foods which are hot or have a strong smell. Seamless design helps you wash easily.
・Works like extensions of your fingers
・Great for handling odorous ingredients
・Can also be used when you cut a hot dish
・Store it upside down to keep the head raised
・Seamless design and easy to clean up
▼Size & Materials
Size: 5.79” x 1.77”
Material: 18/0 Stainless Steel
・Do not store near fire
・Do not leave in the pot while cooking
・Wash with dish soap and sponge. Rinse and dry well before storing
・Do not store in a humid place or leave salty or acidic food residue on the product

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