Ameiro Copper Pot

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▼Product Information
Great heat conductivity of copper makes your cooking better. You can deep fry with a little amount of oil and the temperature doesn’t change much when you add the cooking ingredients. The Ameiro copper pot is also good for stewing or making jams. The inner side of the pan is tinned to make it easier to take for. Each pot is handmade by skilled full artisans in Niigata, JAPAN. As you use, the color of the copper changes and it becomes a one and only - your copper pan.
・Great heat conductivity
・Hand crafted by artisans in Niigata, Japan which is famous for metal crafting
・Inner side is tinned for easier care
・Comes in a box with storage bag
・Leather handle
▼Size & Material
Size: Length 7.17” × Diameter 4.92” × Height 2.4”
Max. capacity: 1.6L (Reasonable capacity 0.6L)
Body: Pure copper(Inside tinned)
Handle: Brass
Handle cover: Cowhide
Storage bag: Cotton
・Cannot be used on induction cooktops
・Hand wash only

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