SIKURA Original Cutting Board 5-Piece Set

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▼Product Information
Very light and thin and still extremely durable cutting board set. Use each color for different food to keep it hygienic. You can use Red for meat, Blue for Fish, Green for Fruits, Brown for vegetable and White for bread. When pouring the ingredients to pans or bowls easily bend the cutting board. Food stopper on the edge prevents ingredients from spilling out.
・Use each color for each food
・Thin, light and bendable
・Good for outdoor use
・Food stopper on the edge.

▼Size & Material
5 colors set
Size: W9.49" x L14.2" x H0.43"
Material: Polypropylene

・Wash it with a dish detergent before use for the first time.
・Use on a flat and non-slippery space.
・Do not put hot pans or pots on the cutting board.
・Do not place near fire.
・Washing with a rough brush or a polisher may scratch the cutting board.
・Use only for intended purpose.


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