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Sori Yanagi 18-8 Stainless Butter Beater

▼Product Information
Stainless Steel Butter Beater designed by Japanese industrial designer Sori Yanagi. The handle is firmly made but the tip is shaped very thin, so it goes under the food very smoothly. This butter beater is suited for flipping large things such as pancake, meat or a burger patty. And of course, you can use this as a butter beater too! Fits the bowl well. This has a hole on top so you can hang when you store it. Made with 18-8 stainless steel for great durability.

▼Size & Material
Size: W3.15" x L12.1"
Material: 18/8 stainless steel
Made in Japan

・Dishwasher safe
・Not meant for Teflon coating pans and pots.
・Be careful not to scratch when using this with coated pans or pots. It may scratch the coating.

Sori Yanagi was a Japanese product designer who was active in the high-growth period in Japan. He developed Japanese modern design. His kitchen product design series was started from stainless cutlery in 1974 and expanded to kettles, pans and bowls. 

His design concept is beauty in simplicity and additional small ideas that functions for friendly-use. All his designed cookware has these elements. As most of his cookware looks very simple, you may not tell the differences or benefits when you compare with similar cooking items, but almost all users will say that once you use SORI YANAGI designed cookware, you cannot go back to using others because of the high quality and user-friendliness. Some people say cookware is just cookware for daily use and they don't mind its quality. However, his popular cookware, such as Nambu Tekki cast iron pots & pans, kettles, kitchen knives and bowl/strainers are perfectly designed and made in Japan by true craftsmen. You can use Sori Yanagi cookware for many years and you will love Japan-made quality and his original design concepts.  

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