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BACKGROUND: Pot clay is limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time.  To utilize such limited resources, companies in Tajimi Japan have voluntarily come together to build a recycling system for ceramics and pot clay. Once-fired ceramics are pulverized to fine powder and mixed with new clay. which is then used to create new ceramic-ware.
Earthenware which once left the potter will eventually come back after fulfilling their role as tableware. The name TRIPWARE expresses such journeys tableware might make.

Manufacturers in Tajimi who produce about 60% of Japanese pottery have sought the way to manage tableware recycling and TRIP WARE was born.
They have started a project to enable recycling of pottery in cooperation with a series of companies such as collection of used dishes, grinding, clay production,, firing and distributing.
After grinding the used pottery with a special crusher, currently only one in Japan, to 1 mm or less, it is mixed to the soil at a rate of 20% and become "Clay" for producing pottery again.