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Pot clay is limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time. To utilize such limited resources, companies in Tajimi Japan have voluntarily come together to build a recycling system for ceramics and pot cray. Once-fired ceramics are pulverized to fine powder and mixed with new clay. which is then used to create new ceramic-ware.

Earthenware which once left the potter will eventually come back after fulfilling their role as tableware. the name TRIP WARE expresses such journeys tableware might make

BOWL 90/130/160
Whether they are the same size or different size, bowls can be neatly stacked. They are easy to use as dishes as well as storage containers. When they are covered with a lid, bowls can be placed stably one on top of another.

LID 90/130/160
These sizes are available to match the size of the bowls. Although they are called "lids", their flatness can be easily utilized to serve desserts and fruits.

CUP 90
These cups can be used in many ways such as serving soup and drinking tea. They are also good as cups to hold sauce for dipping soba noodles.

Plate 175/210
This simple plate match any cuisine whether it be a Japanese or a Western dish. As it has a higher rim, it can also be used as a curry plate. By covering plate with a bowl, meals can be stored without changing the presentation on the plate.

MUG 90
Stackable with mugs or cups.
Lid 90 fits to the mug. Good for steeping tea. Lid can be used as saucer too.

Straight Bowl 130/160 - Perfect for your rice & noodle bowls!
Great size for rice bowl or noodles. Use same size lid for store food.

White/Water Blue/Green

Size Chart for our sustainable tableware - Lids, Bowls, Straight Bowls, Mugs
*Microwave ○, Dishwasher ○, Oven ☓

Process of recycling pottery for tableware, cups, mugs, bowls
Did you know that the pottery once made do not return to the earth even after 1000 years? Therefore, there is no way but to landfill the used dishes after disposal. Manufacturers in Tajimi who produce about 60% of Japanese pottery have sought the way to manage tableware recycling and TRIP WARE was born.

They have started a project to enable recycling of pottery in cooperation with a series of companies such as collection of used dishes, grinding, clay production,, firing and distributing.

After grinding the used pottery with a special crusher, currently only one in Japan, to 1 mm or less, It is mixed to the soil at a rate of 20% and become "Clay" for producing pottery again.

Tableware know as Tripware in Japan made from recycled pottery including plates, bowls, cups, mugs

Sikuras Origami Coffee Dripper - Based on Needs of a Barista
Based on the needs of baristas.
That is why our tools make fantastic coffee.
And beautiful coffee.

Sikura Origami cups are known as the Best Cup for the Best Coffee
ORIGAMI 's cup and dripper were born in search of the ideals of such making minds that pours out more delicious coffee that can listen to the varistor' s voice, which continues to find the best cup for the best coffee.

We will deliver confidently to those who love coffee.

ORIGAMI 's dripper was made with Minoyaki boasting 400 years of history. Porcelain has high thermal conductivity, it is the most suitable material for steaming. Also, by creating a beautiful "conical structure", the time for coffee powder to be soaked into hot water becomes longer and absorbs moisture firmly. You can withdraw the essential charm of beans thoroughly. When dripping, the extraction time should not be too fast or too slow,it was calculated to be optimum. The result is the vertical groove engraved on the dripper of ORIGAMI.

As many as 21 trenches secured the airway between the dripper and the paper. It stabilizes the flowing down speed and supports extracting with optimum steaming time.

Diameter: 4.53in x H2.76in
Bottom hole diameter: 0.08in
For 1-2 cups

Diameter: 5.43in x H3.43in
Bottom hole diameter: 0.08in
For 2-4 cups

ORIGAMI Dripper Holder
Diameter: 4.72in x H0.79in
Material: : Acacia (Clear lacquer coating)

Until now, the inner thickness of the cup has not received much attention at the manufacturing site. However, with this ORIGAMI, we change the thickness according to the face and place. For example, the portion hitting the mouth is not too thick, not too thin, sticking to a pleasant mouth feel, while maintaining sufficient strength.

6oz Cappuccino Cup
3.19 × 4.06 × H2,95in
A cup that is suitable for brewing cappuccino, has moisture retention and moderate thickness. Espresso and milk mix beautifully with convection. This is ORIGAMI's most standard cup which can pour 180cc.

8oz Latte Cup
3.54 × 4.41 × H3.19in (250ml)
Draw with steam milk on an espresso canvas. ORIGAMI's Late Cup mixes espresso and milk exquisitely and completes a beautiful latte art with a contrast.

6/8oz Saucer
5.79 x 0.71in

Simple saucer. Can be used for both 6 & 8oz cups. It is up to you to use the same color as the cup or different.

6/8oz Tray Saucer
6.30 x 0.71in

Tray Saucer can place sweets and chocolate to the side of the cup. Of course it is nice to aligning with the same color as the cup as well as combine with different colors. Brilliant color glows the table gorgeously.

6oz, 8oz, 14oz Latte Bowl

Diameter 3.62 x 4.61 x H2.44 1in
Diameter 3.94 x 4.92 x H2.64 1in
Diameter 4.65 x 5.79 x H2.64 1in

As a cafe au lait bowl or a soup cup, you can use various ways of use as you like.

6/8 oz, 14oz Latte Bowl Saucer

Diameter 5.51 x 0.91in
Diameter 6.81 x 0.91in

Simple saucer has two sizes, for 6/8oz and for 14oz. It is up to you to use the same color as the cup or different.


Select your favorite from 11 choices.

Aroma Series
To enjoy coffee with fragrance, a completely new mug cup, "Aroma series" was born. With the shape that was calculated to the detail, you can enjoy a unique aroma experience.

Aroma Mug
3.54 × 4.53 × H3.23in

Like a wine glass with a mouth bowed inside draws taste and rich aroma. When you put the cup on your mouth, you will enjoy the aroma that goes through your nose, like when you drink wine.

BARREL Aroma Mug
3.35 × 4.33 × H3.54in

Because it keeps the scent of coffee like a barrel of wine it becomes the name "BARREL".


Mouth shaped to keep the aroma 
Aroma retention space
Broad bottom surface spreading aroma


In addition to the solid color, vintage colors are available in this series.


MAPKA is developed as a new composite material to reduce the plastic use of the world. Main component of MAPKA is paper, and is burnable. MAPKA does not emit any toxic gas when it's incinerated, and reduces about 28% of CO2 emission compare to the plastics.


Large - Diameter 3.31 x H4.53in
Small - Diameter 2.76 x H2.83in
Mug cup - Diameter 2.76 x H3.54in

BPA free safe colorful cups made with MAPCA.
Daily use cups and mugs are light and durable.
Cups can be set to the cup holder of the tray below.
Microwavable and dishwasher safe.


6.46 x 9.57 x H1.18in
BPA free safe colorful food trays made with MAPCA. Microwavable and dishwasher safe.
Good for children's use.


Gray, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Coral, Orange, Lime, Yellow

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