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What's your new year's resolution?

Let's start something new this year to make your life a little bit happier.

Here are three ideas from us.


1. Start brewing your coffee at home.

If you are getting coffee from coffee shops, why don't you start brewing coffee at home? Of course it is easier and faster to just by coffee somewhere but it's fun finding your favorite taste. Beans of course make a difference but just the dripping speed or amount of water can change the taste. And the smell of brewed coffee at home makes you relax too :)

2. Make meals and memories with cookware lasts for years

Coated pans are easy to take care of, but it just lasts for a couple of years. Iron pans are not. It needs lots of cares at first, but the more you use, the better it gets and it becomes YOUR pan but no body else's! It knows all the meals you cook and all the fun and laugh you have with your family and friends. It seems to be an investment buying $100+ cookware, but think about using it for more than 10 years it's not bad :P Also, it is easier to improve cooking skills by using same cookware!

3. Be healthy and sustainable

People spend around $3,000 on lunch in a year! THAT'S A LOT! So let's think about bringing lunch, it only costs around $100 a month. That's less than a half. Now what do you want do with the money you saved ;)? You can meal prep on the weekend and it also saves time too. Don't you think it is kind of stupid and waste of time to think about what to eat for lunch every single day? I do. It also saves the to-go boxes and plastic spoons/forks used. You've seen a lot of news about our environment lately right? Even it's a small thing we can do, it is better to do than not. And, needless to say, it is much healthier, you can get track of what you eat so if you have fitness new years resolution, you better think not only going to gym but packing your lunch!