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Strainer Ladle Mini - Red

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▼Product Information 
This ladle has a deep bowl to scoop the ingredients and easily drains the water or excess soup by just tilting it. This is useful when you cook miso soup, too. It is smalls and it doesn't take much space, so great to use when you eat hotpot!
・Ladle that drains water easily 
・You can rest it keeping the head raised

▼Size, Material & Color
Product size: L9.36" x W2.8" x H"2.73"
Materials: Head: 66 Nylon(Glass fiber entering)(Heatproof temperature 374℉/190℃)
Handle: 18/0 Stainless Steel 
Color: Red or Black

・Dishwasher safe
・Heat resistant up to 374℉/190℃
・Do not leave it in the pot which is cooking

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