Yakitori ~ Japanese style skewered, grilled chicken

July 18, 2018

Yakitori ~ Japanese style skewered, grilled chicken

Japanese foods are now very popular in the US, maybe everyone has tries. What do you know?? Sushi? Ramen? Shabu-shabu? Takoyaki? When you go to a Japanese restaurant, you can eat different Japanese appetizers and entrees, but have you ever tried "Yakitori", Japanese style skewered, grilled chicken? It's typically small pieces of charbroiled chicken and have two tastes, Salt(塩)and sweet & spicy source similar to Teriyaki(タレ). In the large cities, like Los Angeles or New York, there are some very traditional Yakitori restaurants, but not in most of US cities. In Japan, Yakitori is super nice matching with beer, but here in the US, you could eat Yakitori with rice, a Yakitori bowl. It actually makes me hungry!!  


Another good to know is Yakitori has many different parts of chicken!! Here are some popular ones.

Thigh : もも

Chicken and green onions : ねぎま

Chicken wings : 手羽先

Chicken meatballs : つくね

Liver : 肝(レバー)

Gizzard : 砂肝

Skin : 皮

Heart : ハツ(心臓)

Cartilage : 軟骨

Most of Japanese people have their favorites :) 

You know, it's sort of easy to cook Yakitori at home or BBQ. Why don't you try cooking by yourself with SIKURA cookware? We have a variety of nice made in Japan cookware for you. Some are very high-end for chefs, but most of our cookware are affordable even though all Japan made.  


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