What's Nambu Tekki of SORI YANAGI cookware & Nambu Tekki vs Cast Iron

September 21, 2018


How many of you have heard about "Nambu Tekki"? It's obviously a Japanese word and it means below.

Nambu : An exact meaning of word is Southern Area, but this "Nambu" means a specific area in Iwate prefecture. Iwate is located in the north part in Japan.

Tekki : Iron Pan and Pot

According to a Japanese history, it is said that the original Nambu Tekki started in the mid fifteen century! It's been almost 500 years, but a whole Nambu Tekki production and business has got drastically shrunk for some reasons.

There are so many benefits of Nambu Tekki when you cook and the below two are most important and interesting ones for everyone.

  1. Very thick, heavy iron material : This helps amazing heat transfer and retention. You can cook anything, but especially you can enjoy slow cooking with Nambu Tekki pot. 
  2. Take in irons through foods : When you cook with Nambu Tekki pan or pot, foods will contain some good irons from pan or pot. Then you take in extra good irons. As most of people know, but iron is one of important elements for your health. When you don't have enough iron in your body, some people have an attack of anemia. 

Lastly, you might have seen Cast Iron pan and pot at cookware stores or used them at home or for camping. Those have a nice quality, but there is a huge difference between a regular Cast Iron and Nambu Tekki. Nambu Tekki is a way thicker and heavier than regular Cast Iron cookware. That means Nambu Tekki cookware has a greater performance of heat transfer and retention than regular Cast Irons. You can cook, of course, more delicious dishes with Nambu Tekki than others.

Please visit our SORI YANAGI design cookware page and see products. Mr. SORI YANAGI is a very famous Japanese industrial designer and he also designed a lot of excellent cookware. They are just beautiful and also well-designed for user friendly. All his products are very simple, but has so many tiny details for easiness to use. Believe or not, once you use SORI YANAGI design cookware, you cannot go back to other less expensive cookware. Just because you feel and know a difference. 

We, SIKURA COOKWARE, are an official dealer of SORI YANAGI design cookware in north America. We will provide a customer service on time if you need some help.


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