What’s GEL-COOL??

August 08, 2019

GEL-COOL bento lunch box made in Japan

We are happy to introduce you “GEL-COOL” bento boxes!
GEL-COOL is a bento box series has been sold more than 10years in Japan.
As the name says, it has a cooling gel pad built in to the lid to keep your food safe.
Just pack your lunch and you will never forget to pack gel-pad together with your lunch!
Simple design and functional bento lunch box are loved by many people in Japan.
Why you should be keeping your food cold?
It is said that the risk of breeding bacteria increases in case the temperature of food becomes over 25/77.
Here’s a graph showing temperature comparison between bento boxes with and without GEL-COOL lid.
For example, you pack your lunch at 8:00 in the morning, it can be kept at 15 even at 12:00. It means 15can be kept for 4 hours.
It's possible to reduce the risk of food poisoning with GEL-COOL.
If you care about eating healthy, why don’t you care about eating safe as well? :)
GEL-COOL has many color variations, we are sure you will find your favorite color!
It’s fun to get different colors with your family and mix and match the lid and body colors too!
Eat healthy, eat good, live well!

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