Sustainable Tableware "TRIPWARE"

April 05, 2019

Sustainable Tableware

We are adding an interesting new product line on our wholesale section!

Did you know that once made pottery does not return to the earth even after 1000years?? Also, pot clay is limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time so we should not waste them!

To reduce the waste and save our natural resources, companies in Tajimi, Japan have voluntarily come together to build a recycling system for ceramics and pot clay.

 They set places to collect used dishes in Tokyo and other prefectures. Also, shops, restaurants, companies or NPOs in different places help them collect used dishes. 

After collecting the dishes, grind them to 1mm or less with a special crusher. It is mixed with soil at a rate of 20% and become clay for producing pottery again.

Upcycled pottery is durable as normal pottery. You can microwave it and dishwasher safe. 

TRIPWARE itself looks very simple and clean. It has 3 colors, white, water blue and green. All colors are natural and fit every style of kitchen.

Bowls can be used as a serving bowl and also as food storage. Lids can be used as a lid or as a serving plate for fruits or dessert.

Check our wholesale page for the detailed product lineup!

Why don't you adding this new concept tableware to your collection?

Contact us anytime!


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