Japan made kitchen knives - For professional chefs and fancy restaurant owners

September 07, 2018

Japan made kitchen knives - For professional chefs and fancy restaurant owners

When you think about "Made in Japan" products, what do you answer? Automotive? Unique dry foods & snacks? Jeans (denim)? 

Professional chefs and high end restaurant owners in the US already know, but Japan made kitchen knives are very reputable and they prefer to use Japanese ones to ones from other counties. 

Do you know why?? 

An answer is simple... Japan made kitchen knives are sharpest, best knives for any cooking, usable for many years when you maintain correctly and have perfectly beautiful shape and look. 

In general, Japan and German are most famous countries to produce best kitchen knives in the world. However, even Germany knife brands, such as Zwilling, produce high-end knife collections in Japan. Both Japanese and Germany knives are very nice for 100% sure, but there are some reasons to produce in Japan. 

When you watch any Japanese "Samurai" movies, you find samurai soldiers have shape swords, called "Katana" in Japanese. A secret, special technic of producing high-end kitchen knives in Japan comes from "Katana" It's been over a couple of hundreds of history of Japanese swords. There is no need to produce swords for wars any more in peaceful time and Japanese craftsmen keep making Kitchen knives in stead. It's a very unique and interesting story for anyone in the world. 

When you go to fancy Sushi restaurants, you would probably see sushi chefs use Japan made high-end knives. Those restaurants cut fish into sashimi/sushi with greatest knives as well as serving fresh, tasty fish. 

We, SIKURA, proudly sell SORI YANAGI design kitchen knives as a office distribution partner in north America. We strongly recommend you try Damascus steel knives with beautiful engraved patterns. In addition, most of other Japan made knives have 30+/- steel layers, but SORI YANAGI Damascus knives have 37 layers. That means our knives are stronger and beautiful. 

When you go to kitchenware stores, you can easily find less expensive knives, under $50, but when you think to use over many years, it's worth buying Japan made ones. 

If you have any questions or requests for our kitchen knives, please feel free to email us. 

Also, if you are a professional chef or restaurant owner, we can offer better pricing as a business customer special. We have all in stock in CA, USA and can ship right away.


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