Items You Need for Dripping the Best Coffee at Home

October 29, 2019

Items You Need for Dripping the Best Coffee at Home

When you drip coffee, the scent of aroma spreads throughout the room and it makes you feel good. Coffee is an interesting drink. Its’ flavor changes depending on how it is dripped and what kinds of tools are used.

Today we introduce some basic tools essential for your coffee time at home.


  1. Coffee Mill

Basically, coffee is a fresh food, so it should be purchases only the necessary amount. You can purchase either beans or grounded beans, but to fully enjoy the seasonal scent of coffee, grind the beans slowly in the mill just before brewing!


  1. Dripping or French press

Once the coffee is ground, the next step is extraction.

Let's review the tools and extraction methods for “Paper dripping” and “French press”.


Paper drip



With paper drip, extraction and filtration proceed simultaneously, so the dripper structure can significantly affect the flavor of the finished coffee.

First, look for drippers that are likely to extract your favorite flavor of coffee.

You can chose from material, porcelain, glass, plastic, from shape, straight, wave.

We recommend ORIGAMI dripper as it is calculated well to make the perfect extraction speed. It is used by a barista champion :)

You can directly drip to your cup or use a coffer serving pot.


Paper Filter

There are paper filters with and without waves. Choose the one that fits your dripper.

There are two types of paper filters: white ones that are bleached and brown ones that are not bleached. A brown filter is recommended as it is environmentally friendly.


Dripping Kettle

Once you have set the powder in the dripper, pour hot water. It's time you want to concentrate the most! To stabilize the pouring position and speed use a drip kettle made for coffee.

How to identify a good dripping kettle

Those with a narrow spout. Easy to control the amount of hot water poured

Easy to pour into the target of the powder

Avoid heavy items. 1L or less capacity.


Try to pour hot water vertically from a height of 3-4cm from the powder surface, and pour it from the center of the powder outward. Pour gently!

The extracted coffee will slowly fall down. This first coffee extract is the most delicious.

When the powder finishes swelling and becomes flat, pour the next hot water again.

If you make this bulge too big, there will be holes and the taste will fall out. Depending on the speed of extraction, you can change the taste to a refreshing taste or a heavy taste.

Finally, remove the dripper from the serving pot or the cup before the powder surface is dented. If everything is dropped in to it, the impurities will be mixed and the taste will not be as good.

After removing the dripper, if you see a beautiful reverse dome shape of the powder with fine bubbles remaining, it is the sign that you extracted well!!


Serve dripped coffee in your favorite mug and enjoy it :)


French Press

French Press Machine

Extracting with a French press allows you to taste authentic coffee without the hassle. You can enjoy the richness and aroma rather than paper drip because you can extract the flavor of the beans well.


Paper drip that can change the flavor just by changing the speed of pouring or changing drippers, and a French press where you can easily enjoy the same deep and rich coffee.

Select the one you like and enjoy pleasant coffee time at home :)




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