Helpful tips for Nambu Tekki (Cast Iron) Cookware by SORI YANAGI design

June 29, 2018

Helpful tips for Nambu Tekki (Cast Iron) Cookware by SORI YANAGI design

You find cast iron cookware at many stores in the US, such as pans and pots. Some people use them in the house kitchen or for outdoor cooking. 

In general, iron cookware boost your iron intake, so you can cook healthier foods. That's a great benefit. Nambu Tekki is the best cast iron made in a certain area of Japan and has much more iron than other cast iron products. Nambu Tekki cookware is perfect for a grill, fry, boil, steam and stew (*^_^*) 

Here are other benefits to use Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Cookware for you!

  • High performance of heat reserve
  • Unbelievable heat retention
  • Great heat efficiency

To be honest, there are very affordable cast iron pans and pots when you go to kitchenware/houseware stores. Our SORI YANAGI design Nambu Tekki cookware is more expensive than those. If you are a price-oriented shopper, you have no choice, but purchase less than $50 affordable ones. However, once you start using our best of best Nambu Tekki Cast Iron cookware, you will absolutely love it (*^^)v You would feel it's expensive when you buy, but you can use pans and pots for years, so it's worth for everyone.

Also, I have two very important tips when you use SORI YANAGI design Nambu Tekki cookware.

1. Before the first use

You need to wash pans and pots and heat them. Then, you pour cooking oil in there and keep heating for several minutes. Cast irons always need enough oil on surface to work well. It's like an oil soaks into pans/pots. This way will help to boost more iron intake. 

2. After each use

Please don't use any detergent, but just wash with cold or hot water even if pans and pots get dirty. A detergent will clean up oils on surface and it would cause rust of pans/pots or burnt taste. You may see some oils after washing with water, but it's totally ok. Also, please dry pans/pots thoroughly as soon as washing. Otherwise, they would get rust. You could spread some cooking oil after it's dry. 

You may feel it's a little bit difficult to use Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Cookware of SORI YANAGI design, but please trust us. Once you use them, you cannot go back to regular pans and pots especially if you are a cooking-lover (^^♪

SIKURA is a trusted, official dealer of SORI YANAGI design cookware in the US and have a wide selection of Japan-made cookware from affordable to high-end. Why don't you try some of them for your fun cooking life?!



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