Healthy & Fancy Sauce Recipe

June 14, 2019

Healthy & Fancy Sauce Recipe

When you pour soy sauce or dressing on tofu or salad, you may pour too much sometimes. White this Sauce Whipper, you can easily make foamed sauce that look fancy and also reduce the amount of sauce/dressing you’ll use!
Here are 3 basic recipes to try!


  1. Whipped Ponzu Sauce
         A: Hot water 30cc, Gelatin powder 1gram
         B: Ponzu 20cc
  1. Whipped Soy Sauce
          A: Hot water 40cc, Gelatin powder 1gram
          B: Soy Sauce 10cc
  1. Whipped Sesame Sauce
          A: Hot water 30cc, Gelatin powder 1gram
          B: Lemon juice 20cc, Dash of sesame seeds (Grinded), 2 dashes of salt


  1. Mix the ingredients A in a cup.
  2. Add ingredients B to the cup and mix.
  3. Put ice and water in a mixing bowl and place the cup in the bowl. Use Sauce Whipper and push it for about 3min.
  1. When the sauce is cooled down and whipped, serve it on your plate or keep it in the fridge until you use.
NOTE: Use the tall cup diameter between 2.17 ~ 3.0.
You can use for Suhi,
For Tofu,
Or for home made cappuccino!
(Microwave 30ml milk for 10seconds and whip it with Sauce Whipper for 1min)




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