Featured Product ① >> SIKURA Original Spice Bottle 10-Piece Set

June 04, 2018

Featured Product ① >> SIKURA Original Spice Bottle 10-Piece Set

One of our best-sellers, SIKURA Original spice bottle 10-pc set, all made in Japan, a durable quality. 
They look very pop, but use traditional Japanese colors.
Ai-iro (Blue): Inspiration for fish
Akane-iro (Red): Inspiration for ripen fruits
Koke-iro (Green): Inspiration for leaf veggies
Kuwacha-iro (Brown): Inspiration for root veggies
Haikimidori-iro (Grey): Inspiration for rice and noodles
As you see, each bottle has an unique Japanese spice name. Just for you, I will teach the meaning of them, yay ✌
黒胡椒: Black Pepper
お塩: Salt
お砂糖: Sugar
シナモン: Cinnamon
青のり: Dried seaweed 
山椒: Japanese pepper
花椒: Hoajao Pepper
七味: Japanese seven-spice blended chili
クミン: Cumin
胡椒: Pepper
They are suited for fine Japanese and Asian restaurants as well as home kitchen :) Also, all our Japan-made cookware, Pans, Pots, Kitchen Knives, Utensils, Cutlery and  Culinary, work well with this Spice bottle set.  
Please don't forget that you can purchase our original spice bottles only at our SIKURA website! Not at other places else!! Why don't you buy one set today before running out?! :)


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