Featured Product ② >> SIKURA Original Direct-to-Microwave Food Container 5-pc Set

June 07, 2018

Featured Product ② >> SIKURA Original Direct-to-Microwave Food Container 5-pc Set

This is also our SIKURA original, made-in-Japan products, only available at our website. It may look just a regular food container, but there is one secret advantage for everyone to use !(^^)! 
Have you ever had an experience like this? When you completely close a lid of food container and use a microwave for heating, a small burst happens and foods pop out.... It's such a messed-up incident (*_*;
When you use our Direct-to-Microwave Food Container, you don't have to worry anymore! Because a lid will open a bit when a container gets expanded by heat and then you can heat up foods safely, yay (^^♪ It will be easier for you to use it at home than we explain here. Why don't you purchase one set today?!
Also, lid colors are same as our other SIKURA original cookware, spice bottles and cutting boards and they perfectly match (*^_^*) We sometimes see customers purchase all three items together! It's a great combination. 
Ai-iro (Blue): Inspiration for fish
Akane-iro (Red): Inspiration for ripen fruits
Koke-iro (Green): Inspiration for leaf veggies
Kuwacha-iro (Brown): Inspiration for root veggies
Haikimidori-iro (Grey): Inspiration for rice and noodles
5-pc for just $9.00, made in Japan
We hope you will purchase and enjoy our cookware, cutlery, culinary and utensils for your life and will try cooking Japanese foods. It would be nice to see photos of cooking/foods with our products (*^▽^*)
Please send us your photos to share! 


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