Dashi = UMAMI for Japanese foods

May 03, 2018

Most of grandma and mom in Japan use "Dashi" when cook Japanese foods. "Dashi" is an essential of "UMAMI". Some of you may know the word of "UMAMI" from Umami Burger :) It's very easy to make dashi at home!!

  1. Put cut dried kelp in pot and leave in water for 30 minutes
  2. Put a pot over the fire and take out kelp before boiling
  3. When water is boiled, put some dried bonito and stop the fire
  4. Leave bonito in the boiled water and wait till it's sunk
  5. Strain it with a colander or other cookware and that's it :)

It's the simplest steps to make "dashi", but you can arrange to make more delicious dashi for Japanese foods. 

Our SIKURA products will help to make "dashi" of course. Please try to make a delicious, healthy Japanese foods at home!!


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