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5 Easy Back to School Bento Lunch Ideas

August 30, 2019

5 Easy Back to School Bento Lunch Ideas

It’s back to school season let’s get some ideas/inspirations for your bento lunch!


  1. Tamagoyaki (Rolled egg)

This is the most common dish in the Japanese bento box. It is so easy and quick so it’s perfect to cook in a busy morning.
If you get bored with the normal egg roll, you can mix spinach, green onion, ham or roll with Nori (seaweed) to add a different taste!
  1. TAKOsan (Octopus) sausage

Another popular, cute and easy recipe! Get small sausages and make four cuts on bottom sides. Heat them with pan or boil them and wow it look like an octopus (or a alien?) You could add eyes too!


  1. Pork/Beef veggie roll

This is one of my favorite recipe because when you slice, it looks pretty.
  1. Cut your favorite vegetables into thin and long piece. You can use asparagus, lettuce, carrot, mushroom, okura…
  2. Get a thin slice of pork or beef, season with salt and pepper, and roll the cut vegetable. Put a little starch outside so that it will be coated easily with the sauce.
  3. Place them in a pan and heat it with sauce.


For sauce, you can just mix mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) and soy sauce same amount. You may add sugar or honey if you like sweet sauce!


  1. Sesame dressing Broccoli


Your bento lunch looks nice and colorful by adding some greens!
    Broccoli would be an easy solution. You could eat with mayonnaise but sesame dressing would be healthier.
    Mix 2tbsp white sesame seeds (ground), 1.5tsp sugar and 1.5tsp soy sauce. Easy!
  1. Onigiri Sandwich


Let’s make a sandwich but with rice and seaweed.
Ingredents: (For 1)
Seaweed  1piece
Rice       110g/0.24lbs
Salt       1 pinch
Lettuce    1piece
Canned tuna  2tsp
Cheese     1piece
Mayonaise  1tsp
  1. Place a seaweed on a food wrap. (Make a food wrap larger than        seaweed.)
2. Mix rice with a pinch of salt and place on the center of seaweed.
3. Place lettuce, canned tuna (seasoned with mayonnaise) and cheese on top of the rice.
4. Roll it a little tight and rest it for a couple of minutes.
5. Cut in half and put in your bento box!
You can put the ingredients you like.
Spam, eggs, avocado, chicken… create your own favorite!
You may want to get a new bento box! Take a look at COOL collections!

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