3 Kitchen Gadgets to Upgrade Your Cooking Environment

May 22, 2019

3 Kitchen Gadgets to Upgrade Your Cooking Environment

One of the features of Japanese products is they are thoughtful for the very little thing you may find stressful. Today we would like to introduce 3 items that would upgrade your cooking environment!


 1.Fingertip Tongs

As the name says it works just like your finger! This tong’s tip is shaped thinner than the usual tongs and that enable many things that you cannot do with other tongs! With a normal tongs, it is difficult to pick up thin ingredients such as prosciutto however, with this fingertip tongs it is super easy to pick up.

Also, when you want to cut strong smell ingredient but do not want to touch it with your hands, you can hold it with this tongs. It holds really well.

This tongs are seamless, so it is very easy to wash, and you won’t have a problem with broken spring.

More than 870,000pcs has sold in Japan! Once you use it, you will see how convenient it is and you can never go back to the other ones!


 2.Fish Catcher

This tongs look like hands of Claw Machine Games! It holds food securely. When you cook fish, I’m sure you have experience that fish falling into pieces when you try to turn the fish or move the fish from pan to the dish and that is very stressful to mess up things at last!

This tong will help you with that. It says Fish catcher but of course you can use it for meet. Big head will hold big chunk of meat securely! This is also made with seamless stainless for easy cleaning.

 3. Vegetable Scoop Spoon

Isn’t that great to easily make a dish like the one in restaurant? This spoon will help you! When you try to scoop avocado or tomato with spoon, you may break the skin. This scoop spoon has curved handle and thin tip so you will scoop them without breaking skin. Use the scooped vegetable as cocotte and cook like a pro!

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