• I LOVE the SIKURA original food containers and spice bottles. The containers work very well when you use them in the microwave because even if you heat up foods too much, the containers don't blow up. It looks simple, but has a functional lid. That help a lot!! The spice bottles are very cool with Japanese spice names. Also, food containers and spice bottles have the same matching colors!!

  • SIKURA has an amazing variety of Japanese cookware and the SORI YANAGI designed ones are very special. I purchased their Damascus Kitchen Knives and they look so beautiful as well as cutting sharply with less power.

  • Punched Stainless Tongs - I bought it because I liked the simple design, but more than that, I love the functionality! It is easy to grasp things, and since it is a punched type it drains the hot water when you grab boiled vegetables or pasta very well.  I've tried many tongs before, but this is the best tong I've ever had!

  • 5 pcs Bowl Set - Every size is beautifully shaped. Not like other bowls, it is thin so it fits my hands well and easy to use. I often use the 5.12" and 6.29" bowls for preparation. The 7.48" bowl is good for dressing vegetables. And the 9.06" bowl is perfect for mixing! The bowl is deeper than the usual ones so I use it when making pancakes or some sweets. The 10.63" bowl is quite large but good to serve salad when we have a party.  You can pile for storage so it doesn't take up much space.  I think this set would be a great gift too! 

  • I bought the SORI YANAGI Nambu Tekki pot and love to use it almost every night! You can stew, grill, deep-fry and more. It's actually very heavy because of authentic nambu tekki cast iron. I will try the same grill pan next! 

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